Sunday, February 6, 2011

what a weekend

drew asked me back out :)

i don't know the exact details (his cell's been on the fritz so we haven't been able to talk very much this weekend), but apparently the other girl told him she wanted him to ask me back out. so we did. and everything's right again.

and thank god for that, because with all the other shit going on i might've really crashed and burned this weekend.

finally got to weigh myself this morning. still 133lbs. god dammit. it probably (certainly) has something to do with me eating a metric fuck ton of bread last night at a friend's house (we had garlic bread for dinner. for some reason, i allowed myself to eat as much as my friend did. ugh.). i didn't eat much today, just a small scoop of ice cream at daisy's birthday party (she's 1!!). and i worked a long shift, so i had to have burned a lot of calories. fuck, i need to get that damn battery for my scale! after eating nothing monday thru friday cuz of the whole thing with drew, i had to have been lower than 133 before the bread... gah, i'm rambling. my apologies. anyways, back to restricting under 300 cals this week, and working out whenever i have time.

had to deal with tina (my "mom") today, cuz of daisy's birthday party. after i'd been there a few minutes, she came up behind me saying, "do i get a hug?" not bothering to even look in her eyes, i said "no," and walked away. and did my best to hold in the laughter.

i'm such a bitch, but god, that felt good.

well, this post was pretty bipolar. but i've had a long weekend, running on 4 hours of sleep, and, well, yeah you get the point. lol. time for nikki to have her cigarette and go to bed. good night.

stay strong, think thin, live ana


  1. I'm glad drew came round. But his friend sounds like a control freak in the extreme. Seems like a drama queen too. Go and buy those batteries!

  2. Damn the chick sounds like a nut!
    But I'm happy for you <3
    Sucks about the bread though - we've all been'll get back on the track. I have faith!!!

    Think thin, love


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