Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"my focus shall not fail."

i find not distractions, live life of single mind
and failure is not inherent, for I will have what's mine
i'll struggle and sacrifice, should i find value there
i'll not be scorned by failure, i'll not relent

now my conscience shall dictate my way
no more apologies, no more mistakes
now solid direction has strengthened my resolve
fear not for consequences


fear not at all my focus shall not fail
I shall not fall and nor shall I despair


exist no more distractions, exist no more delays
set free from inhibitions, set solid on my way
now set forth with purpose and with a strong resolve

fear not for consequences


fear not at all my focus shall not fail...


these are lyrics from "focus shall not fail" by all that remains. the lyrics and the thrashy music just combine together to paint a perfect picture of the raw, angry determination pulsing through my mind right now.


no more pissing around. i'm changing me, inside out. i'm going to be powerful, have self-control. i'm going to look prettier. i'm going to dress bold and edgy. i'm going to be thin. i'm going to be the version of ME that i want to be, goddammit.


i will not fucking fail.


tomorrow i'm starting 02468 and i'm going to continue until i stop seeing results that i want. i'm going to go to the store (because i can drive myself now) as soon as i can and buy a fucking battery for my scale. i'm going to start exercising every day and night. i'm going to count calories religiously. if i break from my plan, there will be fucking punishment. i'm going to follow that water plan to the T. i'm going to buy supplements and celery and slimfast and tell my grandma's cooking to go fuck itself in the garbage disposal because it will not be entering my mouth.

i shall NOT FAIL.
stay strong, think thin, live ana


  1. CHEERS TO YOUR INSPIRATION!!!!!! Good luck doll I'm rooting for you!!!!! <3

    The only thing you might want to be careful of is the amount of water you can consume. Water in extremely large amounts can have a horribly negative affect on your body. Be careful lovie <3 stay strong

  2. Great attitude love! :D I want to feel like that but its hard on a fast o.o haha
    I'm glad you've got inspiration!
    hope it goes well :0

  3. You go girl! I'm going to take a few pointers from you!


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