Monday, January 31, 2011

"it's me, or her."

drew's best friends with this girl. she's the kind of person who wants want she can't have, and needs drama in her life like oxygen and water. not a good combination. especially when she decides that she likes him, and decides to try to fuck up our whole relationship. after dealing with bullshit drama from her since last night, by the end of the schoolday today she'd told him he had to choose between being with me, or being friends with her. he's been crying on and off all day, i've been on the verge of a breakdown, when i tried to talk to alex she told me i'm "high maintenence" and essentially need to just flip a magic switch in my head and not be upset about anything ever again... everything is going to shit.

at least i got by without eating today. and burned hella calories during my 6 hour shift at work. at least i'm getting closer to thin. maybe if i were already skinny, he wouldn't have to be torn up about it. he'd choose me without a second thought. but no. i'm fat. fuckin' whatever.

this is why i have barely any friends who are girls. too much fuckin' bullshit drama. i hate it.

stay strong, think thin, live ana


  1. Lol, the reason I could never go fully lez is because I can't stand chicks neurotic bullshit. I really don't know how guys & lesbians do it!

    It isn't decent to put someone in that sort of a situation. I hope you are both ok.


  2. Seriously, some girls are so annoying and think they have rights to everything they want and it kind of sickens me. Luckily, not all girls are like that.
    This girl sounds like one nasty piece of work to me though.
    She shouldn't be doing that AT ALL. YOU'RE the one going out with Drew she can't just mess it all up. But I'm sure you think all of that too.
    Look, if Drew doesn't stay with you ultimately it's HIS loss.
    I hope everything works out darling.
    Love Anafly

  3. Yep, we girls are completely nuts. This won't help, but if he chooses her he's such an idiot an doesn't deserve you. I can't believe either of them.

  4. This is why I used to only be friends with boys.

    Shitty move on her part. She hasn't any sort of right to give an ultimatum like that. And Anafly + keep calm are right; if Drew gives you up for her, then it is his loss.

    Also, it's totally understandable to be upset in this situation. I bet if Alex were in your shoes she'd be upset too.

    I know this doesn't help much right now, but just so you know--I've found that the bullshit girl drama is worst in high school. Once you get to college, the amount of drama goes WAY down (unless you hang out with theater kids. I had a few theater friends in undergrad and OMG DRAMATASTIC).


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