Wednesday, December 8, 2010

the twizzler game

i'm sorry, ana, but it was SO worth the calories.

if you've never heard of the twizzler game, this is basically how it works. you get a bunch of guys and girls in a circle, and someone volunteers to go first. the first person takes a twizzler and holds one end in their mouth. the next person has to grab the other end with their mouth, and then the first person bites off their end. you keep passing it around and it gets shorter and shorter..... and you know how the story goes. if you chicken out, you get kicked out of the circle.

well, today was the party for everyone involved in the movie i made (including dan). guess who i was standing next to in the game?

yeah. him. :)

we got short pieces quite a few times. then again, we went through almost 3lbs of twizzlers. five of us were total pros, so no one was chickening out. we decided to make it more interesting by making a rule that you have to act serious, as if you were really going in for a kiss. me and dan got a really short piece that round. and i pretty much planted one on him.

later, we were texting.
him: that was so fun lol
me: you enjoyed it
him: lol yeah, i was hopin we would have gotten a shorter piece...
me: well we can always have a 2 player game lol
him: sounds good ;)

and a mutual friend was talking to him, and he told her he liked 3 girls, one of which he wouldn't tell her the name. i'm guessing, since he knows we're friends, and considering how he acted today, it's me. he was probably lying when he told our other friend that "it's nothing."

he's coming to my birthday party this weekend, and we'll be playing the game again. i'm gonna try to get him alone next week too, to "study for finals."

we'll see where it goes. hopefully my fat ass will be at a new lw by then. i really wanna impress him. and with winter break coming up, i have to lose as much as possible to give myself leeway room since i'll be at home for mealtimes way more often... and the band trip is looming closer and closer... fuck. i'm going to go run off some of these damn twizzlers...

so worth it tho. i got butterflies every time me and dan passed the twizzler... lol :)

stay strong, think thin, live ana


  1. Aaaaaaaaaaah that's SO CUTE! Oh I wish I'd been there to just scream and hug you after! hahaha I am as excited as a child on Christmas morning!
    This sounds SO good, fuck the twizzlers I think that this is a bit more important innit? Nevertheless, you'll get rid of those twizzler calories EASILY, you can do this babe! Don't worry!!

    Love, x

  2. I'm excited to play!

  3. Haha sounds fun especially standing next to him! Don't let him play you... But go for it girl =]



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