Friday, December 17, 2010

♥ something real ♥

when i got to school half an hour early, he was waiting for me outside. we went for a walk, smoked cigarettes, and just talked. when we turned to walk back to school, he looked at me and simply said, "so, you wanna go out with me?" i smiled and said, "yeah." he smiled too and said, "cool." then i slipped on ice and almost fell flat on my ass. that's so typical of my life lol. but it was perfect the way it was :)
alex was waiting for us when we walked inside and immediately started smiling and squealing and gesturing and nodding until she figured out that we were officially official. she was so excited she got out her phone and took a picture lol. he gave me a hug before he had to walk to class in the opposite direction. it felt like his arms were meant to wrap around me. a perfect fit :)

he texted me in the afternoon saying we needed a song. after throwing a few ideas back and forth, i told him to look up "all i want" by staind. he said he teared up when he listened to it. i couldn't believe it! (wanna hear it? click here). if he teared up the first time he heard it, i can't imagine how he's gonna react when i play it for him.

we had our first date tonight, too, went and saw harry potter. we ran into a bunch of his friends and he seemed so excited to call me his girlfriend. we went outside to share a cig before the movie, just walking around the parking lot. after we tossed the cig, he stopped walking. he said he was cold, and opened his arms for a hug. we just stood there, holding eachother. then he pulled back a little and looked into my eyes and smiled.

and kissed me.

i had so many butterflies i'm surprised one didn't fly out of my mouth.

we were holding hands and cuddling and kissing the whole movie. it was just perfect. it was a perfect night.

all of this is happening so fast. but it just feels so right. i don't believe in love at first sight, cuz that's so serious, but something just hit between us right away. like out of nowhere, a tidal wave came crashing down and pulled us under, and just keeps pulling us deeper and deeper under the cool water. he makes me SO happy. there's no doubts. he's just perfect. he's amazing. he told me i'm his MISSING HALF!!!

i feel like i've found something REAL.

btw, last night i told molly to fuck off and then proceeded to bitch out her gf. be proud!

and btw, only ate a scoop of steamed green beans all day. got my gma to stock up on salad, soup and veggies. i'll be eating the lowest calorie meals possible. that band trip is coming up wayyy to fast and i need to lose wayyy more before i go! i think i'm doing alright tho so far. i can feel the knobs at the top of my spine. and i discovered a bruise on my back, from my backbone pressing against chairs at school. i just have to get through christmas and this band trip without fucking it up... i'm too distracted by drew though to even think about food :)

so fucking happy right now!

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