Wednesday, December 15, 2010

i can't stop smiling... :)

i have spent my day listening to emo acoustic love songs and looking up pictures like the ones in this post just because they're happy.

i have spent my day texting drew and smiling at every text i get from him.

i'm really starting to like him.

today he said, "you make me smile sooooo much!"

i told him he did the same.

because that's the truth.

that's exactly what he does to me.

makes me smile...


because he's genuine.

because he's a good guy.

i was talking to alex's bf.

and i told him, "there's just something different about him...

...i can't put my finger on it."

he said, "because he's actually one of the nicest guys ever.

and there's absolutely nothing wrong with him.

that's why he's different.

this situation reminds me of me and alex.

it's like we were made to be together...

that's what you guys remind me of.


i'm forreals. you guys are my closest friends and i can see it right now.

he's all talkin to me about how he can't stop smiling."

this doesn't happen to me.

this never happens to me.

i'm in a fucking movie.

i feel like i'm in a dream.

and i hope i never wake up ♥


  1. A guy who makes you smile just by thinking about him? Don't let him get away! ;)

    I hope things continue to work out beautifully between both of you.


  2. this is so adorable, i'm so glad you have him :)


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