Thursday, December 16, 2010

a boyfriend for my birthday

drew and i were up texting all night.

me: so what are you up to?
him: laying in bed, listening to music, thinkin, smiling :)))))) hbu?
me: laying in bed, listening to music, smiling, wondering what it is exactly that you're thinking about?
him: i'm thinking about whether i should ask out this girl i really like :))
me: what do you think she'll say?
him: i dunno, but she's worth asking even if idk what she'll say :) she's amazing :)))
me: well you never know until you try :)
him: i think i'm going to :) i wanna do it in person tho cuz i always do it in person with girls i really like :)))

at midnight, he was the first person to tell me happy birthday.

if we didn't have a snowday today, i would've gotten a boyfriend for my bday.

he says the sweetest things and i've just been smiling nonstop.

he told me that i could be the best thing that's ever happened to him, that i make him happier than he's been in a long time, that the wish he's been making at 11:11 seems to finally be coming true.

i think my wishes are coming true too :)

this could quite possibly be the best birthday ever. got to see my art on display at a coffee shop down the street from school, which was really cool (yes, those pix above are me and my actual art pieces. the one on the left is mannequins drawn in pencil and the other one is me next to my charcoal piece). went shopping at kohl's and found out that even though i don't know how much i've lost since my scale died, i'm down TWO jeans sizes. i used the giftcard my dad's new friend-girl gave me for my bday and bought myself a pair of size 5 jeggings. and that in itself was amazing.

i feel incredible. might post more if anything else interesting happens today. i just felt like gushing about drew and finally sharing something significant that was ana related. haha.

i'm 17!!!

stay strong, think thin, live ana


  1. Happy birthday and yay for drew!!! =]

  2. I'm happy for you (with drew) says the rando,m follower >.<
    I hope it all does turn out well, he sounds really nice. It's good to hear nice thing ar happening for you, so keep posting whatever you want in your posts, boys or ana =]

  3. Firstly: Happy Birthday!
    Secondly: You lucky girl, with three boys after you... *sigh* From what you've written, Drew sounds somewhat exceptional.
    Thirdly: Having your art hung is super-exciting. Can you tell us a bit about your art-making?? I'm interested.
    Fourthly (huh?): I think that you look absolutely gorgeous in the photo!
    Fifthly: It's relly good to hear you sounding so much happier!!

    I've only recently started following you and I love your blog. Congratulations on you art being on display at a coffee shop, that's seriously so awesome. I go to an art school and would loooooove that to happen. Drew sounds like such a sweet heart; I'm so happy for you! This post sounds really positive and positivity is always a good thing. You are quite the gorgeous girl. Good luck :)
    Love Anafly

  5. Ur smaller than me

    he seems so sweet! We need more guys like that in the world! D: like seriously!
    And jesus! Your arts in a coffee shop?:o amazing or what!? I'd love it if that would happen to me! :3
    Size 5? :o I have no idea what that would be in the UK but cool XD
    Happy birthday Nikki! You deserve the best!


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