Monday, November 29, 2010

what dan thinks of me ♥

well we hung out after school today and nothing scandelous really happened. we just went for a long walk in the rain, smoking cigarettes and talking. he mentioned a few times how he can't wait to chill this weekend. my heart took a leap every time he said it.

when he thought it was time for him to go, the brought me over for a hug. only me. and again a few minutes later. only me. and again when he actually had to go. only me.

i was talking to a mutual friend later, and apparently they've been talking about me. apparently he randomly pulls of his hat to press it to his face and smell my perfume. he loves my personality. he said i'm "feisty." he thinks it's cool that i'm physically attracted to girls but still really want to date a guy, and that i don't care what people think about that. but the best thing, the sweetest thing was when he said that when i'm sad, he's sad that i'm sad, but when i'm happy, it makes him happy, no matter how low he is, and no one else can do that to the extent that i can.

that's huge.

i really think it's gonna happen. finally, someone good.

stay strong, think thin, live ana


  1. Oh My Gosh! YAY!!!! EEEK!!!
    *Girlie Jump Hug*

  2. snaps for nikkiolaaaa

  3. :) eeeee! im so happy for u! he sounds like an amazing guy, hold onto him!


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