Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the psychology of ana: project implicit

i found this very interesting.

for sociology class, we're in the middle of a unit about racial and ethnic inequality. so we learned about this experiment that these psychologists did that measured whether people had a preference for white or black people. the test became very well known and widely accepted in many psychological and sociological journals. now it is a wider organization called "project implicit."

in class we took the same test used in the original experiment, for race preference. the teacher told us we could try another test while we were waiting for others to finish up. one of the other tests was "weight preference." you can try out the test here (make sure you read the instructions very carefully!).

it was very interesting to see that even though i'm barely in a healthy weight range, i had a "strong preference for thin people." at the end of the test it shows you the cumulative results from all the test takers and controlled experiments, estimating an average for the whole country. according to project implicit, over 50% of our country has a moderate or strong preference for thin people.

these are unconscious associations, but the unconscious mind can effect the decisions of the conscious mind. this statistic means that being thin would give you an advantage because about 50% of the population prefers you over fat people. society itself is just pushing us to be thinner.

hows that for mathematical motivation?

stay strong, think thin, live ana


  1. i loooved that section in sociology. It was insanely interesting.... love u!

  2. wow! who would of thought! lol i watching this episode of the tyra show that showed skinny chicks were more likely to get hired for a job even if they werent as qualified as the fat chick because fat means the same as lazy to an employer...i couldnt agree more.


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