Sunday, October 17, 2010

"i'm not suicidal. i've just lost my will to live."

molly found someone else.
there's no doubt this mystery girl is skinnier and prettier than me.
she said she hasn't felt in love with me for months. the spark is gone.
i told her i wish i could just take my spark out, tear it in half and put half inside her, fed it kisses til it grew.
i told her i'd rather die alone knowing i never stopped fighting for the one i love.
she says she doesn't want me out of her life. she just wants me in her life as a friend.
she says she's sorry.
everything that's happened these past few months has finally come together to break me. i feel like i'm being held together with dripping glue and all the pieces are slowly sliding off.
i just want to give up on everything.
i'm so alone..


  1. you're not alone, you have us <3

  2. You are definitely not alone. You are so strong and beautiful. You are gonna make it :)

  3. there is hope at the end of the road you just have to make it through the jorney there, you dont know me i found you on google cause of your pics. life is supposed to be hard or there wouldnt be any meaning in it at all,it would be just an easy life without happiness or love.for there to be good there has to be bad dont give up and make me sad,love hate fear bravery are all supposed to be equal.


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