Friday, September 24, 2010

"how big of a secret can you keep?"

my dad asked me this when i got in the car.
"a pretty big one," i said. "why?"
"you can't tell anyone this," he said. "because your mother can't find out. i went to see a lawyer today."
a divorce lawyer.
if you've read my blog in the past and know about my family's experiences with my mother, you know that this is a GOOD thing. my dad has finally grown some balls and realized that the only way he's going to be happy for his future life is if he cuts my mother out of it. in two or three weeks, he's going to tell her and lauren, my 9 year old sister. she won't take it well, but i think in the end she'll be okay. and daisy's a baby, so she'll never know the difference. with my mom's mental history, and with her having a case of domestic violence against her 16-year-old daughter open, i think my dad has a 99% chance of getting custody of us. i'm completely willing to testify against her.
i can just picture our future in just a few months. me and my dad and sisters, living together without that constant loom over our heads. we can finally be happy. i can finally feel like i have a family; feel like i have a home.
finally, something's changing for the better. just have to keep focused on ana in the meantime
stay strong, think thin, live ana


  1. Congrats hun!
    That is great news!!!!
    YAY! :)

  2. congrats. i hope it works out perfectly for you. you deserve it.


  3. yay you sassy laday

  4. That's really great hun! I know a lot of people look down on divorce but they just don't realize that divorce CAN be a great thing, for both the parents and the children.

    I'm glad you'll finally have a much better home life without having to constantly worry about your (really mean) mother =)


  5. Glad things are working out for you Nikki!
    Nice to see you're blogging more too :)
    Hope things go well with your dad getting custody

  6. Congratulations :) I really hope that everything ends up all sunny for you! You deserve this, definitely, after that apparent suffering. and so does your papa :]



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