Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ghost girl

i was looking at pictures on google and just stumbled upon that second photo, where she has the phone. when i found out it was allison harvard from my favorite season of america's next top model, i started looking at more, thinking the search would be flooded with full length photos flaunting her perfect 5'10" figure. instead i found thinspiration from a surprising aspect of the photos. she has such a haunted look, with her huge eyes and thin frame. she looks doll-like, and it makes her the kind of person that you don't just glance over. just that ghostlike effect of her face is thinspiring; you could only achieve that effect if you were really thin. i've always had a 'feel' for what i wanted to be when i'm thin. that artsy girl in black, smoking a cigarette and drinking black coffee. when i described my future self as mysterious, it sounded close, but not quite right. i've found the right phrase: haunted beauty. when i'm pale with my eyes sunken in, ribs hiding under my shirt, i will be a true ghost girl. i will shock people without saying a word, forever haunting their memory, even though they never knew my name.

stay strong, think thin, live ana


  1. A la Morticia Addams? ;)

    The word that keeps me going is "ethereal".


  2. GOD! She is so pretty in an off way! Her eyes are freaking HEUGE! But im the same. I dont wanna be like regular thin and pretty. I wanna be hauntingly thin and beautiful :)

  3. Oh....that's who she reminded me of! I was looking that those pics and I was thinking, "she look like that girl from ANTM who said people called her 'Bambi eyes'." Thanks for her name! I couldn't remember what it was, but I remembered thosevery unique eyes =)

    You're right, she's very beatiful...but hauntingly beautiful. The kind of girl that you would have to look at twice.


  4. You must have heard this a dozen times, but I just read through your whole blog and found it SO Thinspiring. When are you going to do progress pics again? You're gorgeous. I'm also looking for an ana/slightly mia text buddy, so comment on my blog if you're interested.

  5. That's exactly what i want. To be the haunted, ghostly, sick-looking beauty.

  6. Wow... She is gorgeous. I agree with you all, I want the individual haunting look. <3

  7. She's gorgeous, so thinspiring. Like seriously, if there is a way to look like that, I will.

  8. She is amazing!
    Inspired by these photos, and of course you blog Nikki, I've just started up my own (you get a mention in my first post).
    Thank you, you're such an inspiration.


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