Sunday, August 1, 2010

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thank you all SO MUCH for your fabulous comments. it really did brighten my day, and motivated me a lot! i liked keep calm's idea of posting a pic once a month. that's probably what i'll do. i had no idea my change was so drastic until you all pointed it out to me! thank you! i love you all.

me and a couple of my facebook peeps (including katerina) are aiming for 10lbs in 2 weeks. i've come up with a new plan to help me succeed in this. you all can join in on the goal, the plan, or both if you'd like.

monday: fast
tuesday: 200 cals
wednesday: fast
thursday: 300 cals
friday: fast
saturday: 400 cals
sunday: 200 cals

i'll have to purge dinner probably every night to stay within my calorie limits, and get my calorie intake from other snacks. i can eat snacks at band camp that fit in my calorie plan, and tell zack i'm eating breakfast and dinner, so he'll stay off my case about eating lunch. i'm also going to drink at least a gallon of water every day. i've never really done the calorie plan diets like 2468, ABC, or SGD, so i'm a bit wary about this. if i don't lose 5lbs this week, i'm just going to go back to what i was doing but be wayyy more strict on the weekends. i think this could work though, because it'll keep my metabolism going and gives me wiggle room on the weekends. but like i said, i don't have much experience in this. might get some critique on prettythin tonight before i actually decide to do it. my other idea was to go on a gatorade fast again, i dropped a ton of weight when i was running off gatorade when i had that stomach bug.

stay strong, think thin, live ana

p.s. i decided my sidebar had wayyyy to much shit in it so i did some editing and condensing. ana's playlist, the links, and new "ana's cookbook" and "ana's bookshelf" are now under the link list "ana's world." the links connect you to my website, which has all the same links and more. i'd love to get more members on there.


  1. 10 lbs in 2 weeks? That'd be awesome- I'm striving for that same goal! I have about 2 weeks before uni starts back & I would absolutely love to be 10 lbs lighter.

    I wish you the best of luck with your plan- especially the fasting! ^.^

  2. Lots of luck to you, I'm going to stick to just fasting though. If I put food in my mouth, it triggers my wanting to eat.

    Careful on a gatorade fast though. Gatorade is pretty much just sugar and electrolytes. Too much and you'll reverse what you're trying to do, because that sugar will stick to you bad if you're not careful. The shit is sneaky! Good luck though. :D

  3. :) What I do, and has seemed to work, is I starve Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and eat Thursday, then starve Friday and Saturday and eat Sunday. The days just work better for me :) I eat so many calories on Sunday and Thursday though, which is why its fast five days :)


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