Saturday, July 31, 2010

then, and now

so, after all this time blogging, i've decided to finally post before and now photos of myself. no one's going to recognize me on here, but i've blocked out other people's faces just out of respect for them. i sure wouldn't want one of my friends putting pictures of me on a pro cutting site or something, you know? anyways, i think i'm going to start posting more pictures here, and on my facebook, as i shrink. i'm still deciding whether i want to do this on a time schedule or just as i reach each goal weight. what do you all think? since i do this partly for my readers, i'd like your imput as well. :)

here we go:

this is last year at homecoming. i was in the high 160s then. the blonde in the middle is my gf. a total stick. look at how fat i look compared to her :/
this is me now, a much better, but still fat, 140.2. the difference is noticable, yes?

i think i'm getting closer to that "average" mark. i think once i hit the highest healthy weight for my height, 135, i'll be there. it still hasn't fully registered with me that i could be there in a week or so. i just need to come up with a comprimise, or something really sneaky, to deal with the zack situation. i'm just scared that if he bugs me around other people, they'll get involved too. lizzy, the other girl we sit with at lunch, is the one i'm particularly worried about. i'm also rooming with her at the overnight band camp. i have a feeling she's going to notice something. i've already seen her glancing at me picking at my plate. but seriously, i'm OVERWEIGHT. how many people are going to think i have an eating disorder? i guess it's the one perk of being legit fat. but it's an unneccessary one. the price outweighs the cost.

work is having a pool party tomorrow, and my gf is coming. i'm going to skip breakfast as always, throw out/up lunch, and then pick at party food so i won't be bothered about dinner. should work out as a nice restricting day before my semi-fast on monday.

not much else to say at the moment, just wanted to share the pix. feel free to comment, congradulate, criticize, i want it all.

stay strong, think thin, live ana


  1. Honestly, you look amazing compared to the before pic. And I'm really not saying this just to be nice. Weird, I've been reading this blog and you don't really look how I pictured. But the after pic is major improvement girl! Keep with it, cause its obviously working!!!


  2. Wow, pretty amazing before and after! Firstly, your girl is an absolute twig... And hell by the looks of it you can get there, that's such an amazing change. I wish I had photos from before to show me how far I've come, I only have numbers but can't see it. I think you should do it periodically, like once a month or something?

  3. I think you've come a long way! I'm proud really! u keep going!

  4. You. Are. Awesome.

    You're almost halfway there; keep going! (:


  5. You definitely have changed, and you're starting to look great. :] I admire your determination, keep it up girl. I know you'll reach your ultimate goal weight in no time.

  6. I love your blog! Why am I just now discovering this? Hey, great idea posting the pics! There is such a big difference in you from the first & the second one.

    I'm thinking about doing the same, but posting a pic of my progress with each goal weight, but for right now, I'm too shy/ashamed.

    It bugs me when I have to be around the same people during meal times or when everyone's eating because it's hard to think of an excuse/reason as to why I'm not eating ><.


  7. you my dear are a true thinspriation. you are beautiful and have come a very long way. Good luck on getting to ur goal wieght :D

  8. Holy Shit love! that's insane! you are getting to look sooo fabu. i love you! keep it uppp

  9. Ewwwwwwwww. Have you had a baby? Why does your stomach look so saggy? You are very short and stubby. Your legs remind me of treetrunks. You have not one ounce of muscle tone on your entire is that humanly possible? You either used to weigh 500 pounds, or just had a baby. Which one is it?

    Hugs and kisses, Jodi

  10. That is a HUGE difference. I'm the same height as you and have the same HW and LW, so seeing you're progress is very motivational!! I wish I could see the difference in myself...


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