Thursday, July 15, 2010

taylor, britney, ana, and me

thanks to taylor momsen and a britney spears song, the ana in me is back stronger than ever. the song "piece of me" by britney spears is upbeat and quite frankly bitchin, i can't wait to go running tomorrow with it blasting through my ipod :)

i havent come up with an exact food plan yet, but on my facebook page i got a calorie counter app that lets you set calorie goals, look up and track foods & cals you've eaten, and track your weight and measurements. it's really useful; those of you readers that have ana facebook accounts should definately check it out! just click the link and see my profile.

as far as food goes, i absolutely can't get out of dinner on a regular basis here, because my grandma cooks dinner for me and my grandpa every night (hello, she's a grandma!). she's pretty good about almost always cooking healthy food though, and i still get out of some stuff cuz i'm veg. still, i'm guaranteed that meal every day if i'm not out for some reason or another. it'll get easier when marching band starts, but for the next couple weeks i'm stuck. weekends will be especially hard since i'm here for 3 meals a day. on top of this, i don't have my scale, so i can't weigh myself all the time.

on the bright side, my grandma has a treadmill, which i'm going to start running on for 30 minutes a day (i'd get some questions running for an hour here) and walking for an hour every day. my uncle who lives next door to my grandma goes to a church that has a free gym, and i'm going to go take the free instruction class so i can use the equipment and go there for a couple hours a few times a week too.

where did all this motivation come from? let me show you:
taylor's just the perfect package. perfect skinny lanky body, smokin' hot, AMAZING fashion style, smart, rock star, and a kurt cobain fan. i want to be her.

i love how she mixes loose layers on top with short shorts and skirts that flaunt her legs. it's really flattering on any skinny girl.

oh hot damn... ;)

in all the pictures i've seen, i've only seen one of her with food, and it was a watermelon. other than that, i've only seen her with bottled water, diet coke, and energy drinks. sound familiar? she's living proof of beauty from pain.
i think i want my hair cut like this one of her with the dogs, the choppy bangs and short choppy layers.
check out those rockin' hip bones!
 taylor's a true icon for thinness, beauty, girl power and rock 'n roll.

she gives me reason to stay strong, think thin, and live ana.


  1. holy she has the most beautiful figure. i would kill for legs like that. not literally but u get the picture lol

  2. are you kidding i would lick a squirrel off the highway for her bod! lol

  3. ohmygosh.
    do you wanna be bff's?

  4. i'd love to! :)

    i actually noticed when i was looking at your blog that we both love taylor, both 16 and both veg. i was like whoa! lol

  5. Ahw, i love your Taylor contribution! She's also my absolute thinspiration! Everything about her - I love her!

    Haha sorry, i've been following you for a while, excuse my randomness :)

  6. wow this pictures are incredibles, love her legs and style

  7. She's too skinny. In my opinion, It's better to have a little muscle and I prefer not see all her bones. But hey It's how you chose to look ,so if it makes you happy? Cool. I do like some of her style though.

  8. She's the most beautiful girl i've ever seen *-*

  9. she´s very pretty¡¡¡¡¡

  10. she is most gorgeous babe in the world.xoxoxo

  11. She's def hot and even though I love her bod I don't think I could get to be that skinny. Mostly cause I've tried and was miserable like mad...didn't have energy to even get up in the morning and drive to work. Size 4 is the smallest I've ever been and it was awesome...I'm back up to 6 and tryin to drop down one more size again. My goal was a 2 but it was impossible...I'm 5'5". Anyway just passing by!

  12. You're Disgusting. Live Healthy.


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