Wednesday, July 21, 2010


almost 4lbs down. my size 9 skinny jeans fit again. and i got a lovely visit from mother nature this morning, so without the bloat i probably weigh even LESS! i love that when i lay down i can feel my ribs and hipbones begging to break the surface. just a few more pounds, my lovelies. i'm getting there.

stay strong, think thin, live ana

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  1. Congrats! (:

    Isn't it a lovely feeling? I had a dream one night that I could slot my fingers into the depressions between my ribs and I remember feeling so light and happy.


    P/s- thanks for your support! I had a really tumultuous relationship with my mum from when I was 16 to 18. Things have improved a lot since then, but ugly spats still rear up every now and then. ):


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