Tuesday, July 20, 2010

a fast at last!

finally fasted today!!!! hung out with katerina right after school, then went to molly's and told her we ate at bread co. She didn't say a word about it. Smoking cigs all day kept my appetite down, and when i was walking around the mall with katerina and later with molly's friends there were so many skinny girls walking around to thinspire me to stay strong. not to mention, walking with people who are taller than you and walk at a fast pace is GREAT light cardio, haha. with that on top of being hyper through half of school i just know i've lost something. when i weighed myself before going to the movies with my uncle (in jeans, shoes, tank and flannel shirt), i was the same weight as yesterday, so i DEFINATELY lost something. if i purge dinner (the lesser of two evils) tomorrow, then fake a stomach ache while i'm hanging with friends thursday, i can get away with a 3 day fast!

anyone wanna join me? :)

stay strong, think thin, live ana


  1. is the tall girl me? i am a natural fast walker... "shit monkies why is this person sooooo slow!?"

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