Saturday, July 24, 2010

do you guys think i'm a failure?

i've been ana for a year. and i'm still overweight.

i can't even do this right..


  1. I suppose there's a difference between being pro-ana and suffering from anorexia. And no, I don't -and never will- think that you're a failure. All of us here struggle -with varying degrees- with our weight (and body image issues).

    How about this: let's stick to 800kcal/day for the next seven days? No fasting, no binging, and no weigh-in until the seven days are up!

    You can do this! (:

    *big hug*

  2. You are most definitely not a failure. Look at the stats on your sidebar. See how far you have come already.

    You are strong and you are wonderful.

  3. Baby girl you are working your ass off. But I will tell you, now that I've been on both sides... I can tell you that I lost WAY more when I was denying a disease than I am now when I'm standing by my life choice. When you control it, it's a lot harder. but you're doing amazing


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