Friday, July 30, 2010


i'm so close to the 130s. so close to my new LW. guys, i am SO CLOSE! i decided to make a happy thinspo video to celebrate.

so, zack officially knows that i'm not in recovery. and i know he's going to try to get me to eat on monday. and i know he's going to try to get me to eat every time we eat at band now. but guess what zack: I DON'T CARE. at this point, i don't care what anyone thinks. thin is all that matters to me.

in other news, i had my first day at work today at roly poly, and i absolutely love it. i am so happy i got this job. they called me out of the blue last week and asked if i was still interested; i'd turned in an application a few months ago. i came in for the interview and they said they were only hiring one or two people, and didn't even ask any questions that would set me apart from other applicants (those questions like "how would you describe yourself," "what's your biggest weakness," etc.). when i got the call asking if i wanted the job, i couldn't believe it.

my boss is so nice. the atmosphere is so relaxed. we get free drinks, so i can have all the diet coke my little heart desires. me and my family get everything half price, not that i plan on eating much at work. but if i ever feel the need, i can make myself a low-cal roll with whatever i want on it. they're not nitpicky about texting or uniforms, and we have stray cats that we feed leftover meats. my coworkers are awesome. the girl training me is super nice and funny, and the co-owner's daughter who works there is such a gorgeous STICK it keeps me from wanting to eat a thing at work! but the best part about working, i finally feel my age. i feel that stronger sense of independence that i normally would only get when i sneak around. next step is getting my license, then a car, then graduating, and i'm home free.

i ate a bit today just to get my metabolism up, but tomorrow's a hardcore restricting day. gotta look my best for the roly poly pool party sunday!

stay strong, think thin, live ana


  1. I'm sure you'll reach your lowest weight here soon and look absolutely fabulous on sunday! Keep up your good work, darling.

  2. Congrats on your weight loss, and your new job! I need a new job sooo bad.

    And, we're almost the same stats; Height, weight, etc. I'm even aiming for 110 pounds. Hah. I kinda plan on doing an extra long fast. You should join me if you're interested. :]

  3. Nice video! I enjoy the happy thinspo vids =). Congrats on getting the new job, that's great!

    I enjoy working too because it gives me a feeling of responsibility & independence, like I'm finally an adult, you know? =)

  4. thanks guys, for your lovely comments. kitty i'd love to fast with you but in my current living situation i can't legit fast; i mean i can throw up everything i eat but that's not exactly fasting and i don't want to get addicted to that again.


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