Monday, June 14, 2010

a pound a day leaves them all blown away :)

if i lose one pound a day, i will be 110lbs in 34 days. barely over a month. if i really commit, really keep at it, and make sure i lose at least that every day, i will be at my goal weight by band camp at the end of july. just a pound a day. one pound. 1. not hard. i can do this. i just have to stay focused.
this weekend i'm sneaking over to molly's to go to six flags, and later get drunk. this will be the last day i spend with her that i'm not restricting. no exceptions.
until further notice, no exceptions.
i will shock them all.
stay strong, think thin, live ana

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  1. I'll join you, a pound a day and I'll be at my goal weight in 50 days.
    Stay strong, we can do this

  2. i have to loose apound a day if i wnat to be below 60 kg at the end of this monts
    so i will join you at the callange tooo
    lets all lose this fat.
    stay strong
    and lost of willpower

  3. Hello! I'm kind of new to blogger & I just discovered your blog =). Wow, a pound a day?? I'd be at my goal weight in around 48-49 days! I would love to join in too! ^.^

  4. Be careful. Try to get some protein, maybe egg whites or tofu, to keep from losing as much muscle as possible. Eat leafy greens and citrus to get potassium so you don't cramp up. Good luck!


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