Friday, June 11, 2010


seeing that i now have 100 followers just brightened my day! it's a milestone, for sure. and to add to that excitement...

i have lost 9.5lbs in 5 days.

i don't know how i lost so much. i started monday at 152 after vacation, and this morning weighed in at 142.5. all i've eaten since monday is a little coffee creamer, one mountain dew, and a little popcorn last night at a sleepover. i'm so proud of myself. i feel like i could go on in this routine forever. i have been strong and ana has thus rewarded me. right now, i refuse to think about all the other chaos going on in my life. i have this bream of light to hang onto, amidst the darkness. that's a post for another day. i'm sortof masking my dark mood right now, but if i've hit 100 followers, i don't want to bring them all down right after i find that out.

i made a new thinspo video to celebrate my weight loss this week:

stay strong, think thin, live ana


  1. Enjoy the moment, every time a dark thought creeps into your mind fight it with "well I lost 9.5lbs in 5 days, so I pretty much rock."

  2. wow, 9.5lbs, that's awesome :) well done

  3. 9.5lbs in 5 days? thats insane. so so so proud of you, little lady. keep it up.


  4. I remember when i reached 100 followers. I was absolutely overjoyed too. Congrats!
    And congrats on losing 9.5 lbs in only 5 days!!! That's incredible. But you definitely deserve it seeing how little you ate.
    Don't feel down at all, dearie. You're doing so wonderfully in everything.

  5. Holy shit!!! Way to go Nikki. You continue to inspire me. THANK YOU!


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