Tuesday, May 11, 2010

let the games begin

i am back at a fat 148.5 as of yesterday. this morning, i didn't even want to look at the scale. i told myself i would "be good" at the weekend retreat. but i wasn't. i wasn't good at all.

i've been noticing things lately. my mom's bought herself a case of slimfast and has been eating salad lately. and bragging about it. she's the queen of crash diets when she gets up the motivation to do it. and i think after popping out a baby, she's getting that motivation back.

i can't lose.

even though she's trying to sabotage me, buying sweets and chips i didn't ask for, etc,, i can't lose. i can throw it right back at her. today, i tempted her into eating a frozen pizza with all the trimmings. and what did she do while she was waiting for that pizza? snacked on some junk food once she saw me get out a rice crispy treat. that rice crispy treat is still laying on the counter. my mom ate at least 800 calories while i haven't passed 30 for the whole day.

this is how you win the game.

she's not going to win this time. she's not going to fatten me up to make herself feel better. this is 3 against 1, bitch. you against me, ana and mia. you have no chance.

i'm holding all the cards.

stay strong, think thin, live ana

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  1. I hate when people try and sabotauge you!! Especially when it is your mom. Not fair. My mom still thinks I'm a fat little kid and wants to feed me chocolate all the time because she thinks I'm a little piggy. And my mom is tiny. All she eats are vegetables and diet coke.

    I know you can do this, you will win!

  2. That is soo low of her! Haha, you so did the right thing in getting back at her! The beginning made me feel fat. I am justifying that I have to fit into this dress Friday so I cannot lose weight. BS.


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