Monday, May 31, 2010

bikini body (saturday)

i tried on last year's swimsuit, a black tankini. and i looked hideous. i don't know if the suit shrank or faded or what the hell happened, but there was no way in hell i was wearing that to the lake.
i texted my grandma, asking her to take me shopping for a new suit before we left for the lake; i had a kohl's gift card and everything. i figured i would have a few days to fast and slim down slightly before facing the horrors of swimsuit shopping. but no. she wanted to go RIGHT THEN.
the freaking out set in. twenty minutes later my grandma showed up and i had to keep my cool. we got to kohl's and headed straight for the swimsuits. walking over there, i was nervous. i thought i'd look disgusting in everything. but then something sparked. i thought, "hell, i've lost 30lbs since last summer, maybe i can try a bikini..."
i grabbed a ton of tops and bottoms and locked myself in the dressing room. when i put the first combo on, something amazing happened: it looked GOOD. for the first time since 1st grade, i could pull off a bikini. i sent a picture to a couple of my friends to make sure i wasn't just hoping it looked good. my second and third opinions agreed: i could pull it off.
my confidence has skyrocketed. running on empty yet again, i'm determined to kick this 144 plateau right in the ass. can i lose 4lbs before vacation and make it to the 130s? i think it's worth a shot :)
happy summer ladies! let's make it a thin one!

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  1. That sounds awesome....YOU can do it!!!

    GO GO GO!!

  2. congrats lovely! good luck :)

  3. Omg, that sounds amazing, I'm clearly envious.

    To have lost 30 pounds since last summer... I can't even imagine. It must be glorious.


  4. You'll melt off those last few pounds like nothing. Congrats! Feeling good in a bikini is pretty awesome.

  5. That's the best news ever! I'm so happy for you that you were able to both look and feel good in that bikini.


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