Friday, January 8, 2010

back on track!

my mood swings were erratic yesterday. really depressed in the morning, okay by the afternoon, sunk back into a low at night. but despite the roller coaster, i remained in control. 45 cals total yesterday, from coffee and popcorn. i must say, i am rather proud of myself. i also worked out on the wii fit for an hour, burning nearly 300 calories. ana blessed me by taking away two pounds for all my hard work. if i lost two pounds yesterday, surely i can lose two more today, and be back to 151 by tomorrow morning. i'm very cheerful this morning :)

i am going to try something i've never tried before: a weekend fast. i've always found it harder to fast on weekends because of social engagements and always being home. but here's my plan: tomorrow, i'll just bring lunch into my room and throw it away. we always go to my parent's friends' house on saturday nights and eat dinner there, but i'm just going to fake eating before we go so i don't have to eat there. sunday i'll be with molly, but for lunch i can pull the "i ate before" trick, and at dinner i'll say my stomach hurts. simple as that. i think i can do it. but i'm not setting myself up for disappointment. i'm going to try my hardest, but a weekend fast is very difficult to do in my situation. so as long as i eat as little as possible, i can still be proud of myself. i just need to figure out a way to stop gaining weight every weekend.

wish me luck ladies, and join me if you want! remember, it's about the effort. if you get in a situation where you absolutely HAVE to eat, don't beat yourself up, just eat as little as you can get away with. it's about boosting confidence, and avoiding the weekend weight gain.

stay strong, think thin, live ana!

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