Thursday, December 31, 2009

a quickie

an incident happened on sunday night that made it rather easy to lose my will to eat. monday, tuesday, wednesday, i ate nothing, always keeping a bag of diet popcorn with me just in case i really needed it. the bag is still unopened. what happened is unimportant, because it all turned out to be a joke my girlfriend was playing. i was still pretty fucked up over it though. monday night i had a bad bulimic episode and tuesday night i popped three prozac and was flying on the clouds.

i wish i had time to tell you all the emotions running through my head, everything that's going on. but i have to summarize. i'm back on track, for sure. i've been working out an hour a day on wii fit and have lost 4 lbs this week, hoping to lose another pound or two by the end of the week. school starts monday and i want to look good. will people even notice?

ha. as if anyone ever notices me.

i'll be back soon everyone.

stay strong, think thin, live ana


  1. What happened??? I'm sorry, it sounds like whatever it was, it must have been awful. Hope you're hanging in there.

  2. What happened? Please let us know soon.
    Send me a text if you read this!

    And I'm sure people will notice!

  3. 4 pounds is great, darling. good luck&thanks for the encouragement.

    p.s. wtf happened?



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