Friday, December 11, 2009


in german class today, everyone brought in food for our "weihnacht party" (christmas party). panera bread bagels, croissants, nutella, cookies, orange juice, pumpkin bread... needless to day, i ate a little bit of everything. and, needless to say, i set of to dispose of it in the bathroom.

everything was going fine. but halfway through, i heard footsteps. there is no doubt that who ever she was, she heard me.

i panicked. i didn't know what to do except clean myself up, flush, and bolt. i pray that she didn't recognize the purple knock-off uggs on my feet.

i came back into the classroom with a bright red knuckle and a composed smile. no one said a word.


  1. You tried to have a german party with german food or just a party? Because we don't really eat this stuff on Christmas^^

  2. lol nah it was just an excuse to bring food. the idea was to have breakfast, cuz it's 2nd hour. i think the only german food on the table was the nutella lol


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