Monday, December 14, 2009

the birthday week plan

my birthday's wednesday. obviously, i am going to be stuck eating. so the goal this week is to at least maintain where i am right now, 153, and possibly lose weight. even though i'm trying to quit using mia as an excuse to eat, i realize that this week involves some of those circumstances where i really have no other choice. so i came up with a plan for the week:

today: tuna sandwich on toast (150 cals), small coffee (150 cals)
TUES: going out to lunch with my best friend, planning on just eating a small fry at jack in the box (it's the best i can do without being suspicious since he knows about my ED)
WED: bday lunch and dinner, purge whenever possible and DO NOT EAT other than these two meals
THURS: fast
FRI: small coffee in the morning to kick start metabolism, share food and eat lowest cals possible without being suspicious (popcorn and water, small ice cream)
SAT: fast
SUN: fast

wish me luck this week, girls! keep in mind this is my first winter with ana, so it's my first time trying to work dieting/fasting/purging around holiday dinners and my birthday plans. so i really need the support! lots of ana love to you all!

stay strong, think thin, live ana

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