Tuesday, November 17, 2009

another update

i'm going to have so much to say when i get back. so much shit is going down in regards to both my ED and other aspects of my life. i'm losing motivation. sure, i've been throwing up at least twice a day routinely. sure, i've been exercising the hell out of myself and freezing myself at night. but am i seeing results? no. i went up 4 lbs after one day of gluttony, and so far only one of them has come off.

i feel like shit. seeing 41 followers now on my page makes me want to get back in gear, back in the ana mindset, but i'm so tired. i need that fire, that angry, raging motivation. i need it back. i miss it.

ana love to you all

stay strong, think thin, live ana

P.S.: if i've emailed any of you my number, feel free to text me any time. talking to another ana will probably help me out of my slump. and if you wanna become text or email buddies, shoot me an email at punkchick14@live.com

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