Thursday, October 8, 2009

Running on Empty

remember that song i posted a while back? it's been stuck in my head all day today. it's so empowering. maybe i'll start a myspace music account just for all my ana music, to thinspire you all :)

the whole song's about keeping ana your empowering little secret, letting everyone watch you disappear without having a clue what's going on. it's about the power of the secrecy that comes with ana. it's pro-ana, specifically, because it specifically mentions not wanting help. "i'm running on empty, let me disappear, let everybody see me now, i don't need saving, i don't need you."

well i'm running on empty. and i fucking love it.

i forgot how much i enjoyed fasting, the powerful feeling i get when i say no, that wonderful sensation of lightheadedness, the light feeling of an empty stomach. it's like a drug to me. and i just want more more more.

wish me luck, ladies. :)

stay strong, think thin, live ana

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