Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Back to Fasting

i forgot how good fasting feels. that invincible, light feeling. that little smile that creeps on my face when i stand up too fast and i know why the ground is spinning. my stomach was screaming in the morning, "give me coffee! give me a poptarts! please, i'm begging you, just give me something!" but i denied every request, and by the afternoon it had given up. my friend m who forces half her lunch on me every day just got suspended for up to 50 days so lunch will be a breeze now. there's a lot less obstacles in my way now, and i'm taking full advantage of it.

today's intake was water, gum, and tea. total calories: less than five. i'd call that a successful day.

i didn't get a chance to weigh myself before i took a shower, but with all the water i was at 164, so i'm at least a pound under that. maybe more, since the towel was still on my head.

i'm going to fast through friday, when i'm going to my girlfriend's house. and even then i'm going to test myself and see how little i can eat. saturday is a marching competition where my only food options are concession stand junk, so i'll probably try to avoid eating at all. fake a stomach ache. sunday, i'll allow myself 500 healthy calories to boost my metabolism before the fasting cycle starts again on monday.

wish me luck, guys! i really feel like i'm gonna make it!

stay strong, think thin, live ana

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