Wednesday, September 30, 2009

a quickie

i'm down 1 lb since monday. thank god. a little is better than nothing, and i only need another 2 this week to meet the goal.

the liquid fasting is perfect for me. i get a double-shot starbucks drink from the gas station that's 200 cals per can; i'm allowing myself two of these a week. and that's it for the day. it tides me over through school because the caffeine demolishes my appetite. it's after school thats gotten so damn hard. i feel a purge coming on soon. lord knows i need the release.

i'm working on something interesting to post tomorrow, so that's why this is short. not much else to say, really. my long-term goal approach is working tho. just a mantra of numbers in my head: "129, 12-16." weight and date, over and over, everytime i even think about food. i convinced myself out of a soup and breadbowl (only available to me on wednesdays cuz of wacky scheduling at my school) today, just by thinking it. over and over. over and over...

stay strong, think thin, live ana

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