Wednesday, September 23, 2009

hello again

well, the dance is saturday. i'm back up to 163. fuck. i always wake up in the morning thinking to myself, "ok, today is it, i'm not going to eat." and then i fuck it up. i want to kick myself in the face. well, today's really it. there's no getting out of dinner tonight but tomorrow and friday are going to be NO EXCUSE water fast days. saturday, i'll only eat dinner before the dance. sunday, fast. i PRAY this'll get me back down to the 150s. the only good side to all of this is that my metabolism will be back up and a little fasting will be a lot more effective. can i lose 4lbs by monday? let's hope.

a new trick: freeze yourself. as twisted as that sounds, taking cold showers and leaving your fan on at night sleeping in a cami and shorts makes a WORLD of difference. i've done it in the past and it really speeds things along. also drink ice water a lot. no calories, and it makes you cold. the reason this works is that your body burns calories keeping your temperature stable. what's a little discomfort compared to the wonderful feeling of thin?

where the hell did all my side boxes go? i'll get as much as i can done today but i don't have the playlists. my computer broken, which has my ana iTunes playlist on it. >sigh<. ah well. i'll get as much back up today as i can.

stay strong, think thin, live ana

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