Monday, September 14, 2009

it just keeps getting better...

heh heh heh i'm a little sneak... my grandma has this scale under the bed in the guest bedroom/computer room that she never uses. slipped it into my backpack, she'll never know it's gone. so now i don't have to sneak in my mom's bathroom all the way at the end of the day. i can step on the scale in my own room and see my morning weight, my true weight. 'course switching scales, this one might say i weigh more than the other one does, but in the long run this is a lot better, being able to weigh in whenever i want.

i haven't gotten to weigh in today, as i haven't been home just and just got my new scale ten minutes ago, but i'm pretty sure i'm down. i just feel it. i have a gut feeling that i'm lighter. and i love it.

i'm not even hungry. fasting has gotten SO easy. i didn't even binge much this weekend, saturday we went out to lunch but that was all i had, and i ate pretty light yesterday at my gf's house cuz she's sick and was hardly hungry. i ate just enough to perk up my metabolism enough for this next fast to be effective.

my ana buddy kat and i are doing a 4-day fast this week rather than our usual 3-day streaks, starting today. i'm pumped. my size 13 jeans are hanging on my closet door, just waiting to slide over my hips... i'm so close to the 150s, so close to the 140s. i really feel like i can make it this time. it's all become so routine, so easy. easy to lie, easy to hide...

the goal is to be in the 140s by next weekend, just in time for the dance. that requires me to lose a little over 10 lbs in two weeks. i'm gonna start jogging again to speed my weight loss along. i think if i wouldn't have gotten so off track before i would be that low already, maybe even lower. but that was the past and this is now. i'm just not going to let myself have any repeats. no falters this time. i'm in it to win it. i want to be thin.

wish me and kat luck! not sure how often i'll get to blog this week, maybe one more update on wednesday but i'm not sure after that...

stay strong, think thin, live ana

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