Thursday, August 13, 2009

thinspiration once again

probably my best thinspo post yet. look at their arms, their legs, their stomachs... they all have such beautiful bodies. the eighth picture: that is what i want to see when i look down my body when i'm laying down in bed. these girls are my idols, and the twisted thing is that they probably don't even know it. sure, a couple of them probably posted pictures of themselves onto ana websites because they want to show off their beautiful ana bodies. but a lot of the thinspo we pour over obsessively, especially "real girl thinspo," comes from every day girls just posting pictures of themselves to their myspaces or facebooks. a cute picture for a profile. meaningless. and little do they know that they are ending up on countless thinspo websites, ana blogs, saved on our computers or printed and pasted in our food journals. i wonder what some of these girls would do if they knew what happened to that cute little profile picture they took with their friends, with a cute little smile and not a care in the world.

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