Saturday, August 22, 2009

a good week

all week i've been skipping breakfast and lunch, and dinner as much as possible. yesterday all i had was a couple slices of veggie pizza, which was unavoidable because my girlfriend was over. so was breakfast at denny's this morning (cappuccino, 2 eggs, and french toast... i know, badddddddddd). after that i didn't eat until dinner, which i purged. god it felt so good. i haven't done it in soooooooo long. it was so relaxing. i really needed it with all the stress i've had this week. i'm taking 5 ap classes which adds up to about 7 hours of homework a night, even on the first day of school. i can't fucking handle it. i've been crying over having to take a shower because it cuts into homework time. it's ridiculous. hopefully this week as i sink further into sweet starvation i'll numb out enough to just ride this year out. i've lost a good amount of weight for my first week back on track. i'm excited to see how skinny i am once xmas hits and i get money for new clothes... i just have to keep thinking of that future, that thin future, and i'll make it there. cuz sometimes, you have to make your own wishes come true.

stay strong, think thin, live ana

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