Tuesday, July 14, 2009

bad weekend

i pigged out so fucking much this weekend. at my gf's i ate mac n cheese and mcdonalds and pancakes, then came home and had grilled cheese and pizza, ice cream, soda, more mcdonalds, chips and dip... it was just godawful. and all cuz i was with my gf and my friend all weekend. my social life might have to take a step back if i wanna focus on eating. i gained a few pounds which really pisses me off.

today was pretty good though. 20 min run in gym plus the next 5 hours after, laughing my ass off the whole time. we were all a little delirious from the run i guess because we were cracking jokes and doing stupid shit and laughing the whole time. and guess what? laughing burns calories! i definately laughed enough to burn a few.

shit, gotta run, we're leaving for the park. stay strong, etc etc.

love, nikki

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